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Custom Curb Painting

Keeping your parking lot up to code

Although you don't need to re-paint your curbs every year, we highly recommend that "when in doubt, paint it out!" If you don't have your curbs properly marked, you are susceptible to non-compliant fines.

custom curb painting

Custom Curb Painting

custom curb painting

Custom Curb Painting

specialty curb painting

Specialty Curb Painting

curb painting no parking fire

No Parking
Fire Lane
Curb Painting

Handicap and ADA upgrades

Staying compliant with state laws

Today, ADA codes and requirements are a hot topic for all business owners. With over 35 years of experience we can help you with pavement maintenance as well as save you time and money by doing our job right the first time. In the past 10 years, the codes for ADA accessibility have been changed several times so it's nearly impossible for business owners, such as yourself, to feel like you are 100% up-to-code.

However, there are several quickfix and inexpensive things that you can do to better your situation before spending 10's of thousands of dollars. Contact Us for tips and advice. Every situation is different, but we have seen them all. (examples...)

handicap parking lot painting

Handicap Parking Lot Painting

handicap parking painting

ADA Handicap Parking Painting

handicap parking striping

ADA Handicap Parking Upgrade

handicap parking painting

ADA Handicap Parking Lot Lines

Crack Fill

Filling cracks in asphalt can prevent further deterioration

Crack fill provides a resilient seal protecting the underlying asphalt from the elements, which can lead to erosion, crumbling, and pot holes in asphalt. Crack fill is an asphalt emulsion blended with proprietary fillers and formulated to repair cracks and expansion joints to help increase the life of your asphalt.


Removing & replacing damaged asphalt

Over time your asphalt may become cracked due to water settling and/or seepage, foot and/or automobile traffic, as well as tree roots and/or lack of preventative maintenance. These cracks can easily turn into pot holes, ruts or even separations in your asphalt. By removing the damaged asphalt and replacing it with new hot mix asphalt, you prevent further damage to your existing asphalt.